The Legacy is filled with amusing and inspiring anecdotes, reflections, lots of photos as well as factual data about the band and it's members, but it also places the band into a broader SA banding context. This is a book for everyone who's got a love for Salvation Army banding and history - as Ronald Holz says:"the book is not a dry "scholarly" read".


From taking on the task of writing a history of the Danish Staff Band, it was evident, that the research would be an on-going process and probably never-ending proces. The first edition had for various reasons a very limited time frame for research activities. Since, new possibilities like digitalisation of old newspapers and official records, has given new opportunities and fields to study, as well as research in foreign Salvation Army archives became a possibility, has been of immense value.


On top of that - since publication of the first edition in 2012, a vast number of people around the world have become markedly mindful of the bands history as well as of the lives of the many people it affected. This has all resulted in numerous dialogues, interviews and a lot of correspondence with family to the people of the Staff Band, or with people, who in other ways have had knowledge regarding the subject.


All chapters have accordingly been revised, some have been complete rewritten and there are several new chapters in this second edition. A large number of photos are new to this edition.


Researching for this book has been an adventures journey, and I hope you will feel the adventure as you read it!


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Titel: Fighting for the Lord - THE LEGACY

Author: Niels Silfverberg

Publisher: Books on Demand GmbH

ISBN: 9788771705690 (paperback and e-book - global)

ISBN: 9788771705768 (hard cover - only in Europe)

Publishing year: 2016

Language: English

Pages: 312

Size: 220x170x24 mm (hardcover), 220x170x19 mm (paperback)

Weight: 677 g (hardcover), 545 g (paperback)





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