Corrections to the book

Unfortunately errors have occurred and I apologies for that, but continued research have also brought reason for corrections.

If you find any incorrect or incomplete information, I will be most grateful to be informed.

Page 158:


The Hansen-Jacobsen family came home to Denmark with three sons: Leif, Bent and Daniel, all born in Brazil.  

Page 67:


Anecdote on Julius Nielsen. Documentation found, giving small adjustments to the story. See "news on research".

Page 129, footnote 42:


Niels Peter Nielsen met the Army in 1891 (see "news on research") and cannot have become an officer before around 1895.

Page 79, line 14:


Adjutant Gunnar Blomberg should be: Adjutant Gustaf Blomberg, who would become field secretary in Sweden. He was the brother of Axel Blomberg.  


Thanks to Colonel Sven Nilsson noticing this.