VisionMission (a periodical for Danish Salvationists) brings in the March 2012 issue an interview with Niels Silfverberg based on the book: "Fighting for the Lord". The interview focuses on what Salvation Army bands in the 21st century can learn from the Danish Staff Band. The interview is in English and Danish versions.


"The BIG role of a LITLLE Band"
An English translation of the interview with Niels Silfverberg. Translation by Dr. John Mitchinson.
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"Et lille musikkorps store betydning"
Interview med Niels Silfverberg i Frelsens Hærs tidsskrift VisionMission marts 2012. Interviewet har fokus på hvad Frelsens Hærs orkestre i det 21. århundrede kan lære af det Danske Stabsmusikkorps.
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SA Bandsman is a supplement to the British periodical: "The British Bandsman". The 4 February 2012 issue brings an article about the Danish Staff Band by Niels Silfverberg.


"Fighting for the Lord"
Article in the 4 February 2012 issue of the SA Bandsman by Niels Silfverberg about the Danish Staff Band.
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Danish Staff Band
The Danish Staff Band ready for march in connection with the Army's 25th anniversary celebrations in Denmark in 1912. The picture is taken in front of the THQ at the entrance to the Temple Corps. Photo from the Danish War Cry.